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Something about you. (RP with silverhairedshota)

Rin walked out the door as he replied. “Yeah, yeah.” He walked down to the locker rooms to change into his wetsuit. He grabbed his goggles and headed out to the pool with Nitori, who was also now changed. He hadn’t noticed before, but Nitori looked so- 

Rin looked away from Nitori, getting in position now to dive. They trained for hours. Getting their timing right, practicing their forms as they dove. Rin was panting heavy with exhaustion. “Aye, Nitori. I think we’re done here.” He rose out of the water, his body dripping as he grabbed a towel. “I’m going to change.” He dried his hair as he entered the locker room as Nitori followed. 

Something about you. (RP with silverhairedshota)

Rin laid in his bed, his eyes closed with thoughts racing through his mind. Thoughts about the finals, about winning, about…Haru. He sat up, trying to block out the menacing thoughts. He didn’t need this right now- he needed to be training. Rin stood up and grabbed his bag which held his things. “Aye, Nitori.” He called out. “I’m going to the pool and I need someone to time me.” Rin stood by the door, his bag over his shoulder as he stared at Nitori, awaiting his response. 


I know I posted this in an image set before with the rest of the Iwatobi boys, but this Rin fan art deserves it’s own post. Because, well.


 by プランクトン

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